Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Metallic Upright Set Review

I had a ski adventure trip coming up and wanted a durable luggage set. I browsed through many stores and online shops. The Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Metallic Upright Set Review caught my eye. It was very impressive. 

I wanted to get the bag set and ordered them right away. It was a great choice. I am very happy with my luggage set. They got me many compliments on my ski trip. I hope to go on many more adventure trips with this luggage set. 

They look very sturdy and I am sure they will manage. I fly once in a month and I notice every small detail on my luggage.

Features of the Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Metallic Upright Set

These were the best features of the luggage set

Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Metallic Upright Set Review

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The best part of the Rockland Metallic set is the sturdiness. Some hardback cover suitcases crack up or break. I was honestly worried if I would end up with a broken suitcase after reading a few Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Metallic Upright Set Reviews on Amazon. I was so wrong. 

They are well-built. I like them a lot. Very impressive. On my trips, I always choose the paths that are less travelled. I do not go the usual way that everyone else would. I am very thrilled how well this set held up on my trip. I am planning for one more trip soon, just for the fun of travelling along with this sturdy set.


I have never thought much about spinner wheels before I got the Rockland set. I love them. They move around very smoothly and without a sound. I had a very noisy wheeler before I got these. I cannot compare it to my old luggage set now. I love the convenience.

I used to think that the wheels on four sides were unwanted. I was wrong. Ask me now and I would tell you why you must get spinner wheels. It is very convenient. You can pull the suitcase from any side and it would oblige to all your commands. Works great for me.


Hardback suitcases seem very tough but Rockland suitcase is super light. I can pack a lot more now with the extra space on the bag. I check in both the bigger suitcases and I take the smallest one on the flight with me. I was the only one to have a hardback on my ski trip last time. 

Many friends have ordered the same Rockland set from Amazon seeing me use it. I am sure I will have company on my next trip that is coming up. Pack a lot more than you expect. The bag holds it all and more!


I got it delivered in three days. When it arrived, I liked the way they had packed it for delivery. The suitcase seemed of higher quality than what I expected for the cheap price. I had first considered buying a hard side luggage set from Costco at the same price. It was far lesser in quality and attractive looks compared to the Rockland set. 

The texture of the suitcase is lightly textured. This material difference looks like it would hide any scratches or small cracks if it happens in future. Very attractive bag. The bag looks very expensive and stands out in the luggage carousel.


I have invested in a lot of luggage so far. To me, most bags do not last more than 4 or 5 trips. It is so annoying to get something and have it fixed often. I do not want that anymore. I got the Rockland set about 6 months back. I have been on only one trip so far, but, I am sure it will last for a long time. 

I would not mind buying them again for the low discount offered on Amazon. I checked them at first in Remora but they were very expensive there. I got it for a 70% discount on Amazon. Amazing value. I could not believe my luck


I literally sat on the suitcase to close it when I started to my trip. I did not want to miss out on a few clothes that I wanted on the trip. I was somewhat not confident as it was the first trip with the suitcase. I imagined a broken suitcase with all my clothes on the floor. I quite abused the bag. 

To my happy surprise, nothing I imagined happened on the trip. It went smoothly. Great to nest the suitcases within one another when they are not in use. Cool feature. I liked the packaging for the delivery from Amazon. Easy to store


  • Very light and the suitcases nest inside each other.
  • Durable hard case luggage set.
  • Very attractive looking luggage set.
  • Easy to manoeuvre around any place.
  • Spacious and roomy. Easy to fit a lot of things.
  • Must have for any round trip or international travel


  • It might bruise a little if they are handled roughly.

Features at a Glance

  • 50% Polycarbonate/50% ABS
  • Imported
  • Made in China
  • Elasticated pocket
  • Interior mesh pocket
  • polycarbonate/abs material
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Sturdy ergonomic telescoping handle
  • Extremely light weight and durable
  • Multi Directional Spinner Wheels
  • Elasticized Interior Mesh Zip Pocket

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 28 inches
  • Item model number: F185-BLACKFIBER
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 30.3 pounds
  • Linear Inches: 59"
  • ASIN: B017M5JE0W
  • Material: ABS/Polycarbonate Laminate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do they fit inside each other?

A: Yes. They nest perfectly well. Great for storage.

Final Verdict

I am very happy with the Rockland Luggage 3-piece Metallic Upright Set. I would not get another set with no spinner wheels. They were just great. I am very adventurous and love to travel often on my meet the wild expeditions. I do not go on very usual trips. It is a great companion for me. I cannot stand fabric suitcases at all. 

I like hard case better and liked the look on these. Great buy. I would highly recommend in buying the luggage set on Amazon than any other website that sells the same luggage set. A friend got from another popular website to find that they were used by someone else earlier. What a shock! Buy them on Amazon for a peaceful experience.

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