Rockland Luggage 40 Inch Rolling Duffle Review

I was looking for a Kayak bag. I read some Rockland Luggage 40-inch Rolling Duffel Reviews on Amazon and decided to get it. I was unsure of the bag at first as I read a lot of negative reviews that said about broken zippers and the bag that tore apart. 

I was glad that no one said the handles and wheels were bad and I wanted to try it out. I am very happy that I tried it. A great bag. I am very glad I found this bag online. It was super easy to get it on my doorstep from Amazon

I had to wait for just two days to get my hands on this beautiful bag. Very large and roomy. Well worth my money. I love it.

Features of the Rockland Luggage 40 Inch Rolling Duffle

Here are the best features of the bag

Rockland Luggage 40 Inch Rolling Duffle Review

The first word that comes to mind about the duffel bag is it's Huge. I love the size. I had used a lot of bags in the past and nothing stands out as good as this! The Rockland 40-inch duffel stands out as a great bag for its outstanding size. I was able to use it a lot more than I expected. 

My inflatable kayak is very heavy for me. I wanted something to help me out in carrying it across. I wanted something big and not flimsy looking. This bag perfectly fit the bill. Perfect for me. It is easy to put my inflatable Kayak in the bag.


I love rolling it from the Jeep to the lake! Cool feature. I had a very difficult time in finding a suitable bag to carry around my Kayak inflatable and I dreamt of a convenient bag. This bag is my dream come true! Very useful. I thank my stars for being able to find it on Amazon

I have a few friends who have bought the same bag after they saw me use it. I always find it difficult to take my Kayak from the place I park my Jeep to the waters. It was awful. After this bag came in the picture, the scene changed. It is a delightful bag


There are a lot of useful pockets on the bag. I must recommend anyone who loves organizing to use this bag. Great value bag. There are six pockets on the front. The perfect place to keep handy things. I store all my little things in those pockets. I have my gloves, water shoes and my mosquito spray in the pockets. 

Very easy to reach it. I also keep the outer bag that comes with the inflatable kayak, the seats as well as the pump. I still have room to spare for a fresh set of clothes. Holds a lot more than you imagine. Very big.

All in One

Earlier, I used to carry many bags for each time I had to get out with my Kayak. It used to frustrate me. The fun of enjoying a Kayak went amiss. I decided to do something about it to make myself enjoy the sport as I should normally do.

This Rockland Luggage 40 Inch Rolling Duffle bag is a lot supportive for me now. I am very glad that it does what exactly I wanted it to. This could be a perfect single bag on your road trip.

On my Jeep, I find it easy to carry around. It is very nice to have a roller bag to come with me when I go on any outdoor adventure. Works perfect!


The price is too attractive to ignore. I got them on Amazon for a 60% discount. The bag is a great choice. I would gladly get another one when I miss this. I cannot care much for a bag and it is perfect. I am not a very soft person who tends to take care of the bag. I abuse it at times. It still looks good. 

I am surprised how well-made it is for a cheap price. No bags would last for a long time when you carry a lot in it. This Rockland 40-inch duffel is craftily designed to put up with a heavyweight. I call it my little champ sometimes.


The Rockland Luggage 40-inch is perfect for any outdoor sports. I would also say that it would be a great bag for grocery shopping locally. It holds a lot and it is very easy to man oeuvre it around. 

The wheels and the handle are perfect on the duffel. I loved it. Some bags do not last at all. I found this bag cheap as well as durable. I found them looking more sturdy in person than on the website.

The negative reviews are also very misleading as to bring in a lot of doubt about its durability. I had a lot of questions on its durability too. I feel they would last for a long time now.


  • Very spacious bag. Holds a lot more
  • Great for organizing. many pockets to use
  • The wheels are the best
  • Very convenient for storage or shifting
  • Seems a lot sturdier than how it looks online
  • Affordable price. Great budget price
  • Durable bag. I have used it many times and just works fine


  • I wouldn't suggest it on flights. If you plan to travel, check the baggage limits before you fly.

Features at a Glance

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Wheels, Zipper
  • 40"x17"x17"
  • Large u shape top pocket
  • Six front pockets
  • Internal handle
  • Inline skate wheels
  • Includes 40" rolling duffle bag

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 41 x 17 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 9.9 pounds
  • Size: Checked - Extra Large
  • Linear Inches: 65"
  • Material: Polyester
  • ASIN: B003EZXP5U
  • Item model number: PRD340-BLACK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to take my 32" flat screen television. Can I use this bag?

A: I would not recommend you to do that. The dimensions are 40 X 17 X 16. The measurement is from one side pocket to the other, so a 32" would not fit in. It is a risk to take.

Q: What is the highest weight I can carry in this bag?

A: If you try to use the full bag, you may be able to fill up to almost 90 lbs. I tried it once and filled out all my clothes and accessories and more for an extended stay. Holds a lot!

Final Verdict

I wouldn't suggest taking some Rockland Luggage 40-inch Rolling Duffel reviews on Amazon seriously. I have used it for my Kayak trips and found it very useful. I don't think it would be a good idea to take it on flights as you would probably fill out a lot more than you expect. A 40-inch bag is definitely huge for its size. 

I loved the bag and it fits my bill exactly as I wanted it. I would not mind getting one more from Amazon when this falls apart. I think there is a long way to go to get to the ripping off part. They look great and it is absolutely functional. Love it. Highly recommend it for the huge hefty size.

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