Rockland Luggage Skate Wheels 4 Piece Luggage Set Review

I am an avid fan of buying things online. I am an Amazon Prime customer and I am a regular on Amazon for more than 7 years now. I had a trip coming up from AZ to TX and another one later for AZ to NY. 

I do not travel a lot, So I picked a cheap luggage set under. I later read the Rockland Luggage Skate Wheels 4 Piece Luggage Set Reviews on Amazon and was not happy about the reviews. 

I was in doubt until they arrived. I was thinking they might just be torn or look shabby on arrival or probably break open on my trip to Texas. It was unnecessary. I like the luggage set. I have listed the good features of the set below.

Features of the Rockland Luggage Skate Wheels 4 Piece Luggage Set

The following are the features that you should know:

Rockland Luggage Skate Wheels 4 Piece Luggage Set Review

I love the luggage set for its stability. I hate any bag that would tip-off. It would be very annoying to keep your hand on the handle always. The bags are stable and durable. I have taken them only on one trip so far and they were perfect. All the bags are apt for the baggage restrictions and they work perfectly as I expected them to. 

The only minor defect I noticed when they arrived were a minor fraying on the strap of the 24-inch bag. I used a scissor to cut that out and it works fine. Everything else seemed perfect


The bags are evenly spaced out with many pockets for organization. I had to take around 40 pounds of medical supplies for my son in Texas. I used the 24-inch to pack it all. It rolled very nicely even when it was full. I read another review that said the bags were standing when they were fully packed. 

I did not have a problem like that. I found it normal. I had the 24-inch checked in along with the 28-inch suitcase. I took the small one and the tote as carry-on on the flight. Very convenient for wife and me to take three weeks worth clothes and accessories


Lightweight bags are always a pleasure. The bags were super-lightweight and sturdy too. I did not trust them before they arrived. Now, after one trip down the line, I am very sure they will last for a long time. We really do not frequent the airport to travel. We travel once in a while and it would be mostly to visit our sons who live in Texas and New York.

I usually plan for 2 or 3 weeks trips in each place. They all come down with their families for Christmas every year. The 28-inch weighs about 9 lbs. The 24-inch bag is 8 lbs and the 19-inch bag is 6 lbs. The tote is very light. Only about 1 pound

Inexpensive Set

Pretty much the main the reason for getting this luggage set was the cheap price. I have seen a lot of bags for a single piece. I do not want a rockstar luggage set that would cost me a fortune.

I travel so less and I wouldn't mind spending on another one in future. To me no luggage set, expensive or not will last for a lifetime.

Why not get a new one every now and then? I highly recommend this set for people who travel occasionally. It sure would last for a very long time. Must have!


The handles seemed a bit cheaply made when I saw them. They work just fine like any other bag I have used. It is a comfort grip handle. When I have to move faster on long trips, tight handles have always been a menace. I used to feel a lot of stress building up in my arms. 

I used to feel a lot of stress building up in my arms. Sometimes I also had shoulder pain because of bad handles.

The handles are good in Rockland Skate Wheels Luggage set. They do not have 4 wheels but the wheels are skate wheels. They move smoothly without a complaint. The handles are self-locking and give a comfortable grip.


My sons live in the city and do not have a big house like what I do. It is very important for me to have a luggage set that fits on the shelf in our room in their house. I always look out for bags that nest inside each other. 

The Rockland Skate wheels’ luggage set nest perfectly inside each other just like how the Russian dolls do.

Very easy to store them in a small place. I usually put them inside one another and keep it safe until my next trip. I do not travel all year around and they are perfect for me.


  • Affordable and decent looking luggage set.
  • Lightweight bags suitable for vacations.
  • It never tips and falls over. Very stable bag set.
  • Nests for storage. Easy to keep them as good as new at home.
  • The suitcases expand giving more space. All the three increase by 2-inch.
  • The little tote bag is bigger than any usual tote that comes in bag sets. Looks lovely.


  • The locks that come with the bag are cheap. They are not TSA approved locks either.

Features at a Glance

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Machine wash
  • 29.92" high
  • 11.42" wide
  • Fully lined and expandable
  • Internal retractable handles
  • Skate wheels
  • 19 inch, 24 inch, 29 inchupright,12 inch tote

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 18.1 x 11.4 x 29.9 inches
  • Set measures: 19"H x 13"W x 8-10"D- 6 lbs., 24"H x 16"W x 10-12"D- 8 lbs., 28"H x 18"W x 12-14"D- 9 lbs. Tote Bag: 12"W x 11"H x 5.5"D - 1 lb.
  • ASIN: B000SRN7MS
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 24.9 pounds
  • Linear Inches: 63"
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item model number: F32-BLACK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do they nest for storage?

A: Yes. Perfectly. They fit like the Russian Nesting dolls neatly into each other.

Q: How big is the smaller one? Is it easy to carry it?

A: The tote weighs 1 pound. Very spacious. There are straps to carry it around.

Q: What are the dimensions of the bags?

A: The biggest one is 28 X 18 X 12. The next one is 24 X 16 X 10. The carry-on is 19 X 13 X 8. All the three bags expand for 2-inch. The tote is 12 X 11 X 5.5.

Final Verdict

I would suggest that this bag set would suit any occasional traveler. It is not cut for the elite or the frequent traveler. The Rockland Luggage Skate Wheels 4 Piece Luggage Set Review on Amazon is not very impressive, but a lot of people who use this set would agree with me. It holds well and works great so far. 

I just finished my trip to Texas. I look forward to my trip with the bags to New York. The bags serve their purpose as it should. I like the quality. Honestly, works great. I adore the size too. I would recommend it for all travelers like me. Great Value!

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