Samsonite F’lite GT Spinner 31 Review

Travelling is a very important part of our everyday life. Be it a business trip or a family outing, all of us travel. I am no exception to this. I travel like crazy, and the fun part is that I love it. Suitcases are our best travelling buddies. Choosing the best out of them helps us travel with ease.

I recently invested in a really worthy asset called the Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31. It holds every belonging of yours with ease and is made of polypropylene. My new travelling buddy keeps it comfortable and helps me travel everywhere without being burdened.

Features of the Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31

Let’s look at the features of this splendid product:

Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 Review

Who doesn’t do mistakes? Yes, we all do, but we get to correct it. Make your suitcase dirty, travel extensively in dirty paths, you can still wash it. That is a truly bewildering feature. You could easily wash with your hand. It is not hard. I had a very bad experience with the suitcase that I owned earlier, as it was difficult to get it rid of stains. 

Stains are unavoidable when you travel a lot. Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 is waterproof. So, it isn’t really tedious to wash this trolley. My Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 remains intact even after three washes.

360 Degree Mobility

This feature makes you want to own this. The Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 has 360-degree mobility which helps you swirl like a kid because your suitcase will swirl around with you. From now travelling with or without a suitcase is the same because of this suitcase as it is flexible and moves with you, in your direction without any discomfort.

Walked on a wrong path? Take a 360-degree turn and march in the right direction along with your Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31. Sounds amazing right? I play around like a child when travelling with Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31.


The Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 holds everything that a person carries, be it on a business trip or a family tour. All of my belongings are held in the trolley and there is space for more. The Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 helps in organizing our things in a disciplined way.

It gives us the space to do so, unlike many other trolleys. You can also bring back home a lot more than what you take. It is always good to bring back things home and with Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 it is like the icing on the cake!

TSA Lock

The luggage also has TSA approved three-digit combination lock system. This is an inbuilt lock, so you don't have to worry about losing the key of your lock. There are no chances of someone trying to open the luggage without knowing the three-digit code. It means fewer panic attacks for me and more fun on my journey. 

No more traditional locks because the easiest way is here to lock the suitcase and go wherever you want in a serene state. The three-digit combination of the lock is a very small yet very hard for someone to crack it because of the advanced locking features. Easily remembered and easily secured.

Oversized Wheels

The Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 has over sized wheels which are sturdy on every terrain. This suitcase can even be your trekking buddy because of its four over sized wheels which glide away on any surface be it a bed of roses or a street of pit holes. The trolley is easy to pull and push. 

It is less weighed. I felt no pressure on my hands when I roll them along any path. This trolley is very easy and flexible for manual handling. After all the immigration processes it has been through, my Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 is as good as new.

ID Tag

This is a great feature that is completely useful for security purposes. The suitcase has an integrated ID tag in the handle system. You can fill in your identification details in it, so if the luggage is lost, someone who finds it can return it to me with the help of the tag. 

It is right below the handle system so that it is easily visible to the third person who finds your lost suitcase. Along with this, this ID also helps distinguish your trolley from another one. Surely you don’t want to end up with some random stranger’s clothes.


  • The Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 is waterproof.
  • It has TSA locking features.
  • It has 360-degree mobility with oversized wheels.
  • It is light weighted and easy to move on.
  • The Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 is very spacious than a usual suitcase.


  • The Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 is prone to scratches if mishandled.

Features at a Glance

  • Interior organization panel
  • Zero effort
  • 360 degree mobility
  • 4 wheels
  • Oversized wheels roll
  • Geometric print
  • TSA lock
  • Updated handle system

Product Specifications

  • Exterior Dimensions: 32.67" x 23.43" x 13.77"
  • Linear Inches: 69.87"
  • ASIN: B01J928T9I
  • Weight: 12 lbs, 10 oz
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size: Checked - Extra Large

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many wheels does the Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 have?

A: The Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 possesses four oversized wheels.

Q: Is this item durable?

A: Yes, the item is durable. I have used it on many trips so far and it holds beautifully.

Q: What are the dimensions of this item?

A: The bag is 31 x 22 x 12 inches.

Final Verdict

The Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 has the best features that make it worth every penny spent. Wherever you go, be it to the peaks or to the plains, the GT Spinner 31 will follow you anywhere and everywhere. From my personal experience, the trolley has been to 15 countries and has faced 30 immigrations and still survived every trauma. I would never question the bag's durability. 

The Samsonite Brand, is well established in the market, I would suggest you opt for the Samsonite F'lite GT Spinner 31 if you are searching for a great looking, multi-featured and durable trolley. I am a happy customer at Amazon and would suggest buying it online for a hassle-free experience!

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