The Best Luggage On The Market in 2020 – In-depth Reviews!

Whether you are preparing for a small vacation with your family to big business meetings spanning over a few days a few countries over, the one thing most travelers have in common is the need for luggage to contain all the things they may need. The term ‘The Best Luggage’ is a very relative term. This is because the travelling needs of a mother with a toddler will vary very significantly with those of a bachelor off for a weekend out with the boys. Best luggage in this case then is whatever meets your individual needs and is probably able to meet your needs over even more trips.

The Best Luggage Comparison:

5 The Best Luggage in 2020

The Best Luggage over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set

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This beautiful set is made of a heavy duty 600 denier fabric. It consists of two bags, an upright soft-sided suitcase and a flight tote bag. The bag comes in various fun and beautiful prints to meet people’s different stylistic needs. Both cases are fully lined with elegantly imprinted lining. The upright is 19 x 13 x 8 inches internally but the width may be expanded to 10 inches. The tote bag on the other hand measures 11 x 12 x 5.5 inches.

The set would be a perfect gift and the tote can be repurposed for other needs when not being used to travel for example as a gym bag. It is the perfect size especially for travel via airline as they easy fit in their allocated compartments.

What we liked

  • The set has two cases allowing for more luggage to be accommodated.
  • It is soft-sided hence can be easily fit in tight spaces.
  • Light weight.Durable as it is made of strong fabric.
  • It is expandable.
  • Has locks and keys hence more secure.

What we didn't like

  • Soft-sided hence doesn’t offer as much protection as a hard-sided case would.
American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set

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This is a three piece set consisting of 1 Boarding Bag 15 x 10 x 8 inches and two uprights one 21 x 14 x 7 inches and the other 24.5 x 16 x 8 inches. This is the best luggage for a family vacation as the three bags are able to fit a lot of things. The luggage has the advantage of being ultra light-weight with all three bags weighing at 18.7 pounds. The cases are soft-sided and they come in several different colors depending on the travelers tastes.

Made of 100% polyester. All cases are fully lined inside. The constructed to be very light weight. The corners are reinforced so that the cases can successfully be used even in the harshest travel conditions. The bags are fitted with multiple exterior and interior pockets for easy packing. Push button locking handle. Smart sleeve on the boarding bag for easier travel. Crisscross tie down straps are on the inside of the uprights to hold clothes in place after packing. Two Mounted Side skater wheels are in place.

What we liked

  • Made of Ultra lightweight material.
  • One of the uprights is small enough to be a carry-on.
  • Has multiple pockets that makes packing easier.
  • The boarding bag can be used as a carry-on bag in an airplane.
  • The cases have enough space for a reasonably large amount of belongings.
  • Presence of pull handle and wheels means it is more portable.
  • Is soft-sided so storage during the trip or when the cases are not in use is easier.
  • Multiple bags for longer trips or multiple users which makes it more convenient that one big case.

What we didn't like

  • It is soft sided which means it does not offer as much protection as a hard sided case.
Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion HS Spinner 20

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This is a hard-sided case made by Samsonite. It is a four wheeler (Spinner) and comes in various colors to suit the different taste of travelers. It is made of 100% Polycarbonate material which is very durable while still being relatively lightweight for a hard-sided case. It is 13.5 x 9 x 20 inches in dimension making it very roomy. The inside is also fully lined with pockets and tie down straps and a privacy curtain.

Made of 100% Polycarbonate material with sharp molded details. It is very light-weight. The elegantly. It has a side mounted TSA approved combination lock which gives the traveler peace of mind when it comes to how secure it is. It is a spinner i.e. it has four wheels which makes it easier to maneuver even around tight or crowded places. Unified custom design for both front and back shells. It has multiple pockets that makes it easy to organize. It has a zip around divider for travelers that like to partition their luggage. Handsome slider in squared full capacity design. Features 10 oversized zippers. Big zippers are sturdier than smaller ones and have a lower tendency to break. It has crisscross tie down straps to hold clothes in place. The shell absorbs impact by flexing while under stress and pops back to its original shape to prevent dents and dings while still protecting the contents of the case.

What we liked

  • It is very durable due to the polycarbonate material.
  • Has a TSA approved combination lock for security.
  • It has its own zippered organizational pockets.
  • The shell is made of material that does not easily dents.
  • Spinner wheels make it easy to maneuver.
  • Hard external shell means it can be stacked which is convenient for travel by ship.
  • Its Airline carry-on approved.
  • The hard shell offers security as it cannot be cut easily as a soft sided case would be.

What we didn't like

  • It is not very easy to store if storage space is limited.
Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight

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This set comes with three hard shell suitcases. They are elegantly made and come in several colors to meet travelers’ different tastes. This makes it very convenient for a household or a traveler with a lot of packing needs. The suitcases can be stored in each other making them very easy to store when not in use. They are four wheeled and are made of lightweight ABS material. The overall weight of the three suitcases is 24.8 pounds which is very light.

Made of 100% ABS material which is strong and durable. It is a four wheeled suitcase which is easier to maneuver than the two wheeler. They are smooth, silent and multi directional. It has a sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle. The best luggage is partitioned into two internally for easier packing. One side of the case is zippered while the other has crisscross tie down straps to hold contents in place. It has a privacy curtain with its own zippered organizational pockets. It has a secure approved combination lock for security.

What we liked

  • It has a combination lock for security.
  • The fact that it is a spinner makes maneuvering very easy.
  • It is made of strong and durable abs material.
  • It is easy to store as the smaller cases can be put in the bigger case.
  • Zippered with compartments for easy packing.
  • Convenient as it comes in a set of three.
  • Hard shell weight provides protection from rough handling.

What we didn't like

  • The handle should be handled with care.
New Breathable 54" Suit/Dress Black Garment Bag by BAGS FOR LESS

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This bag is perfect for maintaining dresses and suits in good condition. It is very light weight at 5.6 ounces and is 11.9 x 8.3 x 1.8 inches in dimension. These bag enables the maintaining of the fabric of dresses and suits which is useful in prolonging the life of the clothes. While airline travel may not be their intended use, they are able to be hang in the back seat of a car during travel. Can also be used for storage even at home.

Made of premium quality, breathable, sturdy, eco-friendly & acid-free, non-woven, recyclable polypropylene material that assures maximum protection. Made of durable material. It is water resistant. The cloth-like material of the bag helps preserve the freshness of clothes. It has a strong center zipper. It has a reinforced hanging opening. Ha an ID window pocket that allows you to label it which makes distinguishing it from other people’s belongings easy.

What we liked

  • It is light weight.
  • It is water resistant.
  • Have an ID window pocket.
  • Made of breathable material that helps the clothes remain fresh.
  • Enable the maintaining of the condition of clothes as they were when they were placed in the bag.

What we didn't like

  • Care should be taken with the zip so as to not break it.

Our Selections of The Best Luggage Compared!

There are a few things that are vital to consider when picking out the best luggage for you. You have to:

#1. Determine which size luggage will suit your needs

Best luggage should be able to fit all of your belongings effortlessly. This decision should be based of several factors each of which is important. These factors include but are not limited to:

A. The duration of travel

The amount of clothes carried is normally directly proportional to the number of days. The more the days travelled the more the amount of clothes and other things needed in order to sustain everyone for the time period.

B. Number of individuals travelling

If it is a family vacation for example, more things would need to be carried and consequently a bigger bag would be necessary. This is especially true if more than one person is required to put their belongings in the luggage.

C. Season of the year

Colder seasons require heavier clothes than hotter seasons. Vacations during summer for example would require relatively smaller luggage as compared to during winter where clothes are heavier and more voluminous and require much more space.

D. Mode of travel

Travel through personal means poses no restrictions on the size of luggage but for modes such as travelling by air, size restrictions should be put into considerations. The luggage bought should be able to pass through checks easily without any trouble.

#2. Determine where it will be stored when not in use

Since the travelling does not occur every day, best luggage for you should be easy to put away in the house for the period it is not in use. Depending on your storage space conditions, a choice will be made between a bag with structure (Soft-sided suitcase or hard-sided suitcase) or one without such as duffel bags and collapsible bags. Structured luggage require a definitive amount of space with hard sided cases being even harder to fit than soft ones while unstructured ones are more forgiving in terms of where they are placed.

#3. Determine how the luggage will be used

Best luggage for you will be that which is optimized for your use. For example structured cases are suitable for airline travel but only to a certain size limit stipulated by airlines. A road trip would need to maximize trunk space and the same bag would not be as fitting as an unstructured bag that can be placed in such a way as to fit in its environment.

There are other factors than can be considered when picking out the best luggage for you. These are especially in terms of the make of the cases.

1. Wheel or no wheel luggage

Wheeled luggage comes with a sturdy handle and either two or four wheels. They are especially useful in travel where most areas passed have smooth or paved passage ways as most wheels are not as conditioned to rough roads. Two wheeled luggage roll only forward and backward which can be hard to control especially when dragging it through crowded areas.

Four wheeler normally have swivel wheels which can swivel through 360º and are sometimes called spinners. They are much more comfortable to drag along and provide a lot more flexibility in movement hence do not need to be in a specific position relative to the owner of the luggage.

Advantages of wheeled luggage:

  • It is safer for your back especially if one has a lot of luggage.
  • Smoother maneuvering round tight spaces. The spinner allows for much better maneuvering as compared to the two wheeler.

Disadvantages of wheeled luggage:

  • It has been observed that some travelers complain of aches caused by the dragging position of the luggage particularly with two wheelers.
  • Recessed wheels eat into part of the storage space of the case.
  • Externally mounted wheels very easily snap off which leaves the traveler with the burden of carrying them.

2. Soft-sided or hard-sided

Soft-sided luggage have the external casing of the luggage made of woven fabric which can yield to loads. Hard-sided luggage on the other hand is that which has a hard exterior shell normally made of materials such as ABS or polycarbonate material. It is desirable that the hard shell does not make the case heavy which is why ABS is preferred as it is much lighter than polycarbonate which tends to be more durable.

Advantages of soft-sided cases:

  • They are more lightweight than their hard sided counterparts.They are more roomy as the material can yield to include extra material.
  • They are more flexible and can therefore be compressed to fit into small spaces unlike hard- sided cases that fit into a specified amount of space.
  • Are easier to store at home than the hard-sided cases.

Disadvantages of soft-sided cases:

  • They nature of the external material makes it very prone to ripping.
  • Experiences wear and tear much faster than hard-sided cases.
  • Does not offer as much protection as hard-sided cases.

Advantages of hard-sided cases:

  • They are easy to fit in the place allocated for carry-on luggage on planes.
  • They offer much more protection for fragile objects than the soft-sided cases.
  • They are not vulnerable to ripping from over packing.
  • They are more secure than soft-sided cases which can easily be cut open with a blade.
  • They are easier to stack that soft sided cases while still ensuring the integrity of the travelers belongings.
  • They limit those who do not know how to pack so well by being rigid.
  • They are highly durable as they are resistant to wear and tear especially that caused by rough handling of the case.

Disadvantages of hard-sided cases:

  • The rigidity of the case means that one can’t squeeze some things in once the case is full.
  • They are very prone to scratches.
  • They are not very flexible and can’t be squeezed into smaller room than the volume of the case.
  • Very few have side pockets.
  • Are a big problem in terms of storage especially when the storage space is limited.

When you are going to buy luggage, there are a few things you may need to ask yourself. This questions are asked when one has picked the luggage. They ensure that the luggage chosen is of the best available quality.

  • How long do you intend to use the bag? Is it for a specific trip or for use over several trips.
  • How is the customer service of the luggage making company?
  • What do the reviews say about the luggage you want to buy.
  • What country manufactured the luggage?
  • What is the weight and size of the luggage.
  • Do you have storage space for the luggage when it is not in use?
  • What material is the luggage made of?
  • What kind of stitching has been done on the suitcase.
  • Do you have any special items that need a specific storage slot?
  • How are the handles, zips, straps or wheels of the luggage? (How is the luggage hardware?).
  • Do you want personalized luggage?.
  • How much does the luggage cost?

When the traveler answers this questions crosschecking them with the factors I had mentioned above, then the best luggage can be purchased. It is worth noting that no suitcase will meet all your needs perfectly. You have to weigh the pros of the luggage chosen with the cons before you pick one. That is to say that some factors are more important than others and priorities have to be made. For example storage size and maneuverability would probably come before whether the luggage is a spinner or it is two wheeled.

Final Verdict

Now the ball is in your court. Are you ready to create fresh exciting travelling experiences? Purchase any of the five aforementioned cases and prepare for the envious side stares of other travelers as you arrive in any of these elegant and efficient luggage.

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