Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 2 Rolling Tote Review

Finding the perfect travel bag is starting to become complicated. There are many different models, weights, features and accessories for each travel scenario. The market is becoming crowded, and customers don't know which way to go. Which bag should they choose? Which bag is the best for short trips?

The Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 2 Rolling Tote is perfect for those short weekend trips. It is also great for those light to medium travelers. Let's look at the reasons why in our Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 2 Rolling Tote Review:

Features of the Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 2 Rolling Tote

What are the features that you must know?

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 2 Rolling Tote Review

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If It Fits, It Ships -- And This Fits!

This bag measures at 9 inches wide, 13.5 inches long and 16 inches tall. Most airlines, like Delta and United, require carry-on bags to be no more than 9 inches wide, 14 inches long and 22 inches tall (including the wheels and handles). Even though this bag does not include the wheels or handles in its measurements, it should fit most overhead compartments. 

The bag fits snuggly underneath the seat as well For those flying Spirit, this rolling tote can fit inside the metal cage under the seat. Delta flyers will also be able to store this bag underneath their seat.

Simple and Sleek Exterior Steals the Show

The exterior is perfect for business travelers with simple taste. The bag comes in two colors: ocean blue and black. The ocean blue lets the bag stay simple, yet stand out in a sea of black bags. There is one easy-access pocket on the outside. This pocket is perfect for documents or last-minute packing items, like a toothbrush or tweezers

The zippers are simple and strong. This allows for easy opening and closing. The zippers also have a locking point so the contents in the bag don't fall out The exterior is made from high denier polyester fabric, which makes this Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 2 Rolling Tote bag water repellant.

It's the Inside That Counts

The interior of the Maxlite 2 is spacious for those short weekend trips. There is enough room to store a couple days’ worth of clothing and bathroom items. The mesh on the inside can easily store socks or underwear. The mesh also has a zipper for easy storage and convenient organization. 

The lid opening can also detach from the main body. This detachment can allow the packing space to span 180 degrees. There are no additional accessories inside the bag. The simple interior keeps the bag lightweight and easy for packing necessary items for a quick trip.

Keep On Rolling

The wheels need to be in tip-top shape for the weekend warrior. There are two wheels in back and two feet in front. The wheels are made from skate wheels and are tested to the highest standards. These wheels allow for a smooth roll across carpet. This is good for the carpeted aisles on all airplanes. The wheels can also roll nicely across hardwood floors.

As Light As a 6-Pound Feather

For those travelers looking for lightweight luggage for a cheap price, the Travelpro Maxlite 2 is perfect. According to the Travelpro website, the bag weighs in at 6 lbs. Through Amazon, the shipping weight is 8.1 lbs. No matter the exact number, it is lightweight. The honeycomb framing system and the eva foam construction keep the bag light. 

These materials also keep the bag durable for light travelers. The Travelpro brand has always had a reputation for the lightest bag on the market, and they do not disappoint with this bag.

Handles Can Handle It

The handle is important for rolling totes. The handle on the Maxlite 2 is comfortable and durable. The handle can telescope to any height, depending on the height of the traveler. It's also sturdy and can fit inside its own compartment when not in use Another sweet feature of the handle is the grooved handle. The grooves provide extra strength to the bag. 

The grooves can also allow travelers to carry their totes or cases on top of this bag. On the back of the tote, there is a strap. This strap is perfect to 'piggyback' on checked luggage. That way, users don't have to roll multiple bags.


  • Lightweight
  • Ocean Blue Stands Out.
  • Modern, Simple Style.
  • Sturdy Handle.
  • Great for Short Trips.
  • Good Outside Pocket.
  • Fits in Most Carry-On Compartments


  • Wheels Tend to Fall Off After Many Uses.

Features at a Glance

  • 100% Polyester
  • Zipper closure
  • Imported

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 16 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 8.1 pounds
  • Brand: Travelpro
  • Line: Maxlite 2
  • ASIN: B005Z17386
  • Item model number: 4011113

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How tall does the handle telescope?

A: From the floor to the top, the handle measures at 40 inches. Some have also stated that it only reaches 25 inches.

Q: Do the wheels swivel?

A: No, the wheels do not swivel. Since this is a carry-on tote, it is best for literally carrying it onto the plane.

Q: Does this fit in an Allegiant Air overhead cornpartrnent?

A: Yes, it fits. Check with your airline to see if this bag will fit. Most will, but there are some that don't.

Q: Can you fit a 13-inch or 15-inch laptop inside?

A: Both laptops will fit nicely into the bag. There is no specific laptop pouch, so check to see for a separate sleeve or case for your laptop in order to keep it secure.

Final Verdict

This tote is perfect for light and medium travelers. Weekend and short-term trips are perfect for the tote. It's water repellant on the outside, easy to pack on the inside, and it's an overall great bag for a great price. The handle is sturdy and can telescope up to 40 inches. The outside pocket is easily accessible and is perfect for documents, passports, and ticket information. The ocean blue color lets it stand out among the sea of black bags. The wheels are decent for a little bit. Over time (and taking it up and down stairs constantly), the wheels will become worn out and start to fall off.

Overall, the bag is great for the light travelers. The Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 2 Rolling tote is a perfect solution for those looking for a cheap solution to their traveling problems. The lightweight design and easy access to the pockets is perfect for those weekend warriors. I would give this product a four-star rating because of the lightweight design and the wheel failures.

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